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A completed registration form and a deposit must be received in our office before a space on a tour will be held. Registrations will also be accepted via phone or e-mail. In these cases, spaces will be held for 10 days, but then released if the deposit and registration form have not been received.


Otus asio Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure. Full refunds will be issued to all registrants if this ever occurs. If you are registered for a tour and have to cancel, a 50% refund will be issued if the cancellation occurs more than 90 days from the departure date. (for cancellations less than 90 days from the departure date see the cancellation policy on the registration form).

Departure Cities

All tour itineraries quote a price from a particular departure city. Quoted prices do not include airfare to and from the departure city.

What the Price Includes

All quoted prices include lodging, ground transportation, entrance fees, guide services and a trip checklist. Meals are included for all tours outside the U.S... For domestic tours, meals are not included unless stated in the itinerary.

Airfare to and from the departure city is not included in the price. On certain tours, there may be air, train or boat travel included in the quoted price. This is the case if such travel occurs as a group and is part of the tour itinerary.

Persons not wishing to have a roommate will be charged a single supplement that will vary depending upon the tour. The amount of the single supplement will be included in the itinerary. If you do request a roommate we will do our best to pair you with someone, however, if we are unable to do so you will be charged the single supplement. Accommodations may be limited at some lodges and in these cases it may not be possible to provide single rooms for everyone requesting them.

Price Increases

Our tour prices are quoted at least a year in advance of the departure date and we try very hard to accurately predict the costs of a future tour. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to add surcharges if exchange rates fluctuate or there are dramatic increases in the cost of fuel. Such surcharges have rarely been charged on our tours but we reserve the right to do so if necessary.

Pace of the Tours

Some of the tours are more strenuous than others but, in general, these are not difficult trips. Obviously, birding involves rising very early and doing a fair amount of walking. However, the walking will generally be done at the pace of the slowest participant and will be only a couple of hours in duration. We also strive to provide an afternoon break to allow participants to rest and recuperate. Persons wishing to participate in a tour should be in reasonably good health and able to walk 2-3 miles at an easy pace. They should also be able to sit in any seat in the tour vehicle. Anyone with questions about the pace of a particular tour should call or e-mail for clarification prior to registering.

Trip Materials

Participants will be given a trip booklet/checklist upon arrival in the departure city for use during the tour. About 3 weeks before departure they will receive packing recommendations, a list of tour participants, a list of hotels with phone numbers and meeting instructions upon arrival in the departure city. After the tour they will receive a list of the birds and other wildlife seen during the tour.

Changes to the Itinerary

Please note that the itineraries are to be used as a framework and that there may be deviations from it once the tour begins. These will almost always be minor in scope i.e. visiting one park instead of another and will be due to the current best knowledge of the birding environment.

Major changes could occur as a result of changes in airline schedules, strikes, civil unrest etc. If we are able, we will inform participants of the changes prior to departure and you will be allowed to cancel without penalty if you so choose. Unfortunately, if these changes arise during the tour, cancellation will result in forfeiture of the payments. Please be assured that these cases are very rare.

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